Dear Tuesday...


first tuesday - MORNING RITUAL

Welcome to the first Tuesday of the new year, are you as excited as Tuesday is? I think it's fitting to begin with what Tuesday's morning routine consists of. Tuesday is a firm believer in ritual. Ritual is a primary ingredient in coagulating momentum, allowing you to optimize each day you have on the earth.

Here is Tuesday's morning ingredients for a typical day.

  • Morning Oral Hygiene - The first thing I do every morning is oil pull. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic tradition. I just put a spoon full of coconut oil in my mouth and swish it around for 10 - 20 minutes. I do this while I'm doing all of the following rituals and when I'm done I rinse with warm salt water. Since I started oil pulling my mouth feels wonderful. I have no more morning breath and this process helps eliminate bad bacteria and boosts immunity.

  • Morning Pages - I grab a pen and a journal and for no more than 5 minutes, I write down whatever comes to mind. There is no wrong or right here, just write, and hold no judgment. This will invite more space into your already cluttered mind. Doing this simple activity will have a profound effect on your anxiety and creativity. 

  • Morning Fluids - I drink one tall glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar, I call this my morning organ bath. I save about 8 oz of the warm lemon ACV water and pour into a tea cup that has about a tbsp of turmeric, stir and drink.  This anti inflammatory elixir jolts the immune system and your brain. Lastly, and my personal favorite, my morning coffee. Blend french pressed grounds with grass fed ghee, MCT oil, cinnamon, maca root, raw cacao and one egg yolk. This delicious fuel, charges my neurons and energizes me beyond belief until the early afternoon. This is the ONLY coffee I have all day.

  • Morning Meditation - I set 10 minutes aside for some quiet time and practice mindfulness mediation. I personally use the Headspace app which is easy, practical and pleasant. Meditation is personally difficult but like any practice, after time it becomes easier. It's just 10 minutes and the benefits have been recorded for centuries.

  • Morning Walk - Walking for me is the ultimate stress reliever. It allows my mind to wander into creativity mode. It doesn't matter how long, just get outside get some sun on your face or some snow on your shoes, don't let weather dictate your ritual. You're in control.

  • Morning Workout - I work out at home. It cuts commute time to the gym, and getting ready to go out. I personally use the Beach Body on demand app and do videos in my living room. The typical video is 30 minutes. Which is less time than it takes to drive to a gym and start your work out. You can also just Youtube 1,000s of workouts. Sometimes I only have 10 minutes to exercise, so I search 10 minute workout and do it! 

That is Tuesday's morning ritual. All and all this can be done about an hour and a half or less. Tuesday wakes up early if necessary and after time this stuff becomes second nature. The key is to remember that perfection is not the goal here. Do what you can and be proud that you have intentionally started a ritual.

Please share your morning rituals via email or in the comments. Tuesday would love to learn from you.

We are in this together and Tuesday is here for you.